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Zehnder ComfoFond - L Eco filters a basic set of replacement filters for the recuperator

Zehnder ComfoFond - L Eco filters a basic set of replacement filters for the recuperator

A set of filters for the recuperator Zehnder ComfoFond - L Eco providing basic air filtration. Two filters included. One for supply air and one filter for extract air. Filters for apartments, houses, facilities and buildings. They replace products with Zehnder numbers: 400100085 / 006040220 / 400100066 / 006040202 / 006040200 / 400100065. Air filters for mechanical ventilation with recuperation Zehnder ComfoFond - L Eco.

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Zehnder ComfoFond - L Eco air filters.

Basic filtration kit

Filters are made of high-quality filter medium. They have appropriate markings allowing for proper installation in the recuperator. The high absorbency of the filter fabric ensures precise dirt retention while maintaining the lowest possible air resistance.

In the Zehnder recuperator, model ComfoFond - L Eco, two flat filters are used for coarse air filtration. One filters the supply air, the other extracts the exhaust air from the building.

The replacement set of filters for the recuperator Zehnder ComfoFond - L Eco includes 2 air filters:

Supply air filter: 1 pc MF/FAN/FM G4 ISO COARSE 70% 198x500 mm

Extract air filter: 1 pc MF/FAN/FM G4 ISO COARSE 70% 198x500 mm

tem number Zehnder: 400100085 / 006040220 / 400100066 / 006040202 / 006040200 / 400100065

Depending on the year of production of the device, the dimensions of the filters changed.

Before buying, compare the dimensions of the filters presented in the product / set with those currently used in the air handling unit.

Related products: filters with other filtration properties in the appropriate dimensions adapted to the Zehnder ComfoFond - L Eco mechanical ventilation units


Filter data sheets;

Hygienic approvals.

Filter dimensions: (height x length x depth) check before buying should be the same as the currently used filters.

Filters are subject to periodic replacement depending on the environmental conditions, most often it is from 3 to 6 months.

Filters are made in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which ensures that the product maintains the highest quality at all times.

Filters fit Zehnder ComfoFond - L Eco - a product manufactured by Murano Feniks.

Name and brand used to identify the product.

Filter set variant
Basic set
Marka Modelu Centrali Wentylacyjnej
Zehnder ComfoFond - L Eco
Air filter code
Zehnder: 006040200
Zehnder: 006040202
Zehnder: 006040220
Zehnder: 400100065
Zehnder: 400100066
Zehnder: 400100085
Zehnder ComfoFond - L Eco podstawowy
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