Intermediate filter M5 EU5 ePM10 55% 287x287x48 mm frame cardboard

Intermediate filter M5 EU5 ePM10 55% 287 x 287 x 48 mm frame cardboard

Intermediate filter with a cardboard frame for a mechanical ventilation unit, dimensions 287x287x48 mm, filtration class m5 eu5 with ePM10 efficiency 55%. Providing air pollen filtration at home, office and business. Filter with a fine pleated minipleat technology to provide a maximum filter surface with a cardboard frame and a glass tissue cartridge with high efficiency in capturing impurities. Pollen filter to meet the level of indirect air filtration in mechanical ventilation, recuperator.

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List of air filter dimensions
287 * 287 * 48 mm
Type of air filter
Harmonic minipleat
The range of filtration efficiency
The filter material used
Glass microfibers
Filter class EN779: 2012
EU5 / M5
Filtration standard DIN EN ISO 16890
ePM10 55%
Filter frame type
Foil-coated waterproof cardboard
Marka Modelu Centrali Wentylacyjnej
Zehnder ComfoFond-L 300/600
Mounting location
Supply / Intake - Exhaust
The proposed period of use
Estimated operating time
3 - 6 months (Depending on the amount and intensity of contamination)
MF/MPT/CRD M5 EPM10 55% 287x287x48 mm

Fine pleated filter

M5 ePM10 55% 287 x 287 x 48 mm

Manufacturer Name Murano Feniks: MF/MPT/CRD M5 EPM10 55% 287x287x48 mm

A pollen filter with a cardboard frame for indirect filtration in mechanical ventilation, recuperation and air conditioning units. The structure of the filter is made of glass microfibers, finely pleated in minipleat technology, separated by hot melt separators that allow for the formation of rigid plithes. The filter pack is then glued tightly to the cardboard housing. A fine accordion allows the maximum use of the frame volume by obtaining the largest filtration surface, ensuring maximum filter operation. Glass microfiber filter paper with increasing density at the air outlet side of the filter provides very low resistance during the entire period of filling the filter with impurities. The anti-pollen cassette filter, finely pleated, in filtration packets in the M5 filtration class with an ePM10 efficiency of 55% in the dimensions of 287x287x48 mm, allows the capture of 55% of intermediate particles from the air, i.e. spores, cement dust and other impurities smaller than 10 μm (micrometers). We include it among medium filters. Thus, this filter allows for medium air filtration in mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery, called recuperation. Our filters are made of materials that meet high energy classes to ensure the lowest possible electricity consumption by your recuperator.

Technical data:

M5 / EU5 ePM10 minipleat cassette filter 55%


Width: 287 mm

Length: 287 mm

Frame depth: 48 mm


• Filter material: glass microfiber insert

• Frame type: foil-coated waterproof cardboard

• Filter class according to EN 779: 2012: M5

• Filter class according to ISO 16890: ePM10 55%

• Maximum working temperature: <80 ° C

Filter material:

• Glass microfiber insert. Formed into filter packets in the minipleat technology with hot melt separators.


• Completely sealed construction.

• Insert glued in a cardboard frame.

• Increased filtering surface allowing longer filter operation.


• Filter used in places where high air purity is required, eg in the pharmaceutical, electronic, medical and food industries.


• Glass microfiber insert

• Anti-pollen

• Very large filter surface

• High performance

• Low operating costs

• Long service life

• High temperature resistant

• Standard and special sizes

• Filters are made in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which ensures that the product maintains the highest quality at all times.

The air supplied by the ventilation, air conditioning and recuperation systems is as clean as the filters that clean them, and therefore the quality of the filters, their reliability and durability have a huge impact on the operation of the entire ventilation system and the quality of the air supplied by it.

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