Zehnder cone filter for diffuser Ø 100 mm air filter set

Conical filter for Zehnder diffusers and exhausters Ø 100 mm. Zehnder recuperation units are fitted as standard with coarse filters of filtration class G4, which capture 70% of coarse particles from the air, i.e. leaves, insects, hair, sand, ash, fine sand, plant spores, pollen and other impurities larger than 10 μm (micrometers ). The act of replacing a set of air filters. It consists in removing a set of filters and inserting new ones for the air exhausted from the facility by the mechanical ventilation system. Products made of synthetic filter media, in accordance with the rules for using air filters, under no circumstances can be washed (washed). Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or by shaking in order to extend the interval between replacing the elements responsible for air filtration in the air handling unit is also not recommended. This reduces the efficiency of the ventilation system and reduces the level of comfort of using the mechanical ventilation system. Leading in the initial stage of re-operation of filters cleaned in this way to release part of the remaining impurities inside previously accumulated. Settling on the surface of the heat exchanger, fans and ventilation ducts and then getting into the building's rooms. Resulting in the need to clean the mechanical ventilation system. Accelerated wear of the elements responsible for the ventilation process and recovery of heat energy from the air in the recuperator and increasing the amount of electricity consumed by the recuperation unit used. The offered air filters with an innovative filter medium for the Zehnder recuperator ensure high stability of the structure and are environmentally friendly.

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