Zehnder ComfoAir air filter sets

Replacement air filters for Zehnder mechanical ventilation units for Zehnder ComfoAir recuperators. Mechanical ventilation systems are responsible for air exchange in the building. Achieving the best living conditions, during the forced air exchange process, in accordance with the planned parameters in the central ventilation control panel with Zehnder ComfoAir units. Equipped with durable filter sets for Zehnder recuperators in the G4 class. They provide basic air filtration with an efficiency of 70% in stopping coarse particles, i.e. leaves, insects, hair, sand, ash, fine sand, plant spores, pollen and other contaminants larger than 10 μm (micrometers). The sets of filters for Zehnder recuperators also include sets consisting of products that enable thorough filtration of air from allergens and smog. By improving the quality of filtered air along with the level of comfort of use of Zehnder ComfoAir recuperators. The offered products and sets of air filters for Zehnder mechanical ventilation units meet the latest air filtration standards ISO 16890 and EN 779.

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