Klimor Amber-P sets of replacement air filters

Professional replacement air filters dedicated to mechanical ventilation units by Klimor Amber-P for recuperators Klimor Amber-P-300, Klimor Amber-P-500, Klimor Amber-P-800, Klimor Amber-P-1200. Mechanical ventilation systems are responsible for air exchange in the building. Achieving the best living conditions, during the forced air exchange process, in accordance with the planned parameters in the central ventilation control panel with the Klimor Amber-P-300, Klimor Amber-P-500, Klimor Amber-P-800, Klimor Amber-P-1200 units. Klimor Amber-P with a maximum filter surface which is a determinant of durability. They guarantee efficient, long-lasting and efficient operation of the mechanical ventilation system realized by the Klimor Amber-P recuperator, which you can equip with filters for various tasks taking into account your needs. Providing full protection of sensitive elements of the ventilation system, while affecting the quality of the air supplied to your home. In the mechanical ventilation system, the air handling unit is responsible for maintaining the level of comfort and safety through the quality and parameters of the air. To a large extent, this task depends on the quality of the air filters used. Their quality and properties have a direct impact on the operation of the recuperator. It is important that they guarantee protection of sensitive elements of the ventilation system and ensure decent air quality. It has a large impact on the health protection of the users of the facility equipped with a recuperation system. To meet the expectations, we have prepared professional sets of filters for Klimor Amber-P recuperators that allow for effective and efficient long-term air filtration, including filtering of allergens and smog to protect health. In addition, it also allows you to remove unpleasant odors brought into the home. When you need air filters designed for the Klimor Amber-P recuperator taking into account your needs and the long-term, efficient and efficient operation of the ventilation system - you can buy them here. Prepared filter sets for Klimor Amber-P recuperators are made of innovative, high-performance materials that allow to create air filters distinguished by high tightness and a durable and stable structure that maintains a very high level of filtered air quality. What is possible to obtain by using an innovative, high-performance filter medium. Its structure and properties are very similar to the medium used in the production of absolute filters, i.e. HEPA. Widely used in mechanical ventilation systems in laboratories and hospitals, where very high efficiency and exemplary purity of purified air are required. For Klimor Amber-P-300, Klimor Amber-P-500, Klimor Amber-P-800 and Klimor Amber-P-1200 units, we recommend the installation of filters with a durable structure and a large filtration area. The air removed from the building should be filtered with an M5 class filter ensuring indirect air filtration with a 55% efficiency in retaining medium particles, i.e. spores, cement dust and other impurities smaller than 10 μm (micrometers). On the other hand, the air blown into the rooms is recommended to clean the filter in the F7 filtration class, allowing the capture of 60% of fine particles from the air, i.e. larger bacteria, accumulated soot, cement dust and other impurities smaller than 2.5 μm (micrometers). Dedicated filters and air filter sets for Klimor Amber-P mechanical ventilation units are made in accordance with the latest air filtration standards ISO 16890 and EN 779, thus ensuring the highest quality of the product.

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