Filters for recuperation

The recuperator is factory-equipped with a supply and exhaust filter at the heat exchanger. Their tasks include filtration of the supply and exhaust air from pollutants. On the supply air supply, we recommend the use of a filter with a higher filtration class so that it stops more pollutants harmful to health and cleans the air supplied to the facility better. The filter placed on the exhaust filters the air removed from the building and its operation does not affect our health and concerns the protection of the installation and heat exchanger. Therefore, here we can use a filter with a lower efficiency, it will reduce air resistance. The recuperator should always work with both filters. Clean filters ensure efficient operation of the mechanical ventilation system. Dirty and clogged ones increase air resistance and electricity consumption. In such conditions, the recuperator works incorrectly and reduces the ventilation comfort. Filters in the recuperator protect the air heat exchanger and directly care for the quality of the air that is delivered to the house, apartment by filtering out pollutants harmful to human health. Checking the condition of soiling should be performed at least every 3 months, and in the event of soiling, replace them with new ones. Filters should not be washed, vacuuming should be used in emergency cases because the filter will remain dirty anyway, and restarting the system will result in the discharge of some of the collected contaminants into the ventilation ducts and then into the rooms. In summary, the use of dirty filters reduces the efficiency of the recuperation system and increases the consumption of electricity. By regularly replacing the filters in the recuperator, we gain lower electricity consumption and higher hygiene of the mechanical ventilation system. Filter consumption depends on the condition of the air they filter, the season of the year. In some areas they may wear out sooner, in others less frequently. Therefore, we recommend frequent checks approximately every 3 months. Replacement should take place when the filter is dirty, which is often manifested by louder operation of the recuperator. In some cases, the recuperator itself will signal the replacement of filters through an appropriate message. Filters with increased efficiency wear faster because they collect more dirt. Using them allows for better health protection because they are able to capture a significant amount of smog and particulate matter. Filter replacement is a simple operation consisting in turning off the device and then opening the inspection hatches. Then take out the old filters and install new ones. The last step is to close the flaps and restart the recuperator. The main advantages of using a mechanical ventilation system include continuous filtering of the supplied air from external pollutants, sometimes having a detrimental effect on our health. To order appropriate filters for the recuperator, check the name and model of the recuperator on the rating plate to make sure you compare the dimensions of the filters given on our website, if they are similar, everything should match. We manufacture filters for recuperators, so if your recuperator is not on our website, write to us by e-mail, provide the name, model, dimensions of the filters and in the attachment photos of the current filters and we will make them for you.

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